APRIL, 2015
5280 Magazine and Super Lawyer Magazine
Congratulations to Kay Rice who was voted Super Lawyers of Colorado in the April, 2015 issues of 5280 Magazine and Super Lawyers Magazine. Ms. Rice has been recognized as a top lawyer by Super Lawyer Magazine every year, since 2007.

Many victories were won by Kay Rice and Beth Nesis. They represented a urogynecologist who was sued for violating the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. After two weeks of trial, the jury unanimously found in favor of our client. In 2013 Kay Rice and Beth Nesis won the first trial in Colorado against a physician and her practice for alleged violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, among other claims. Plaintiff alleged that Defendants’ website and other communications were deceptive and caused her to undergo surgery by Defendant. Plaintiff made an offer to settlement before trial for $558,000 which was declined by Defendants.